Wow! What a blessed week I had during the last week of March! I concluded the three months of Intensive Training for the Kairos Apostolic International team. Simultaneously, the renovation of the building that is being prepared to house KAI got off to a great start, and I expect the major work to be done before I leave Uganda.

Besides completing the program materials, the team was able to officially dedicate the property to the service of God for kingdom ministry. There was also a wonderful graduation ceremony for the team, and I am grateful to God for providing such a talented group of ministers to assume responsibility for this center.

Finally, at the close of the week, there was a training meeting for regional leaders in the strategy for establishing the house church ministry that was part of the apostolic model for the early Christian community. It was this model that Jesus taught His disciples and was responsible for the transformation of most of the known world during the first three centuries after His death and resurrection. As a result of this gathering, a fellowship of these leaders was formed and a commitment to begin the process of creating house churches and moving their congregations from the traditional pastoral church model to the 5-fold ministry apostolic model.

My last full week in Uganda was spent in Mukono with the MBIU 2nd year class that meets there every first week of the month. These students were the first group to commit to the school and training that God called MBI to bring to Uganda. It was truly a very blessed and lively week of instruction and discussion!

The class week concluded with an anointing ceremony for the students as they will be among the first to bring the message that I was sent by God to bring here to others.

We thank God for the privilege of being used by Him to bring this transformation and kingdom ministry to the Body of Christ in this day!

We will surely miss all the wonderful people that I have come to know in a deeper and more personal way during our stay in Africa.
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