The third week of March was a training week for the 1st year students at Manna Bible Institute Uganda (MBIU). It is a real joy to teach the very motivated and involved participants in this new class! They are full of questions and openly appreciate all that they are learning in this program. The small group activity sessions go on well after the class day is over; and some, who stay overnight, even meet again after dinner.
MBI held an intense training program with all the Uganda pastors for 3 months. Classes for the remainder of this cycle were held from the USA via the Zoom platform. As a result, they took the opportunity to bring healing prayer to the group and to bless them. The pastors in turn also expressed gratitude for all they had received so far, and they prayed as a group over me as well.

The fifth week of the Intensive Training Program was filled with activity, as all realized that there will only be two more weeks that I will be physically present here. Besides the full daily program of studies and practice, the team is now preparing to officially establish Kairos Apostolic International (KAI) and assume their responsibilities in the operation of the center. As part of this process, we made plans to renovate a specific building on the Elim property to be used as the official home of KAI. All of this required extra planning meetings that occurred after the evening meal. The MBI team was blessed to be sharing and working with this dedicated team of ministers!

During this training week, I concluded trauma instruction, which clearly is so needed given the history and culture of Uganda and began the preparation of the team for their role as apostolic servant leaders in KAI, a kingdom outpost in this region.

I also was blessed to be used of God to minister healing to several students in the MBIU program and some friends of the KAI team members at the end of this week.

It has been a real blessing to be with my brother and the family here, and I am so grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to spend this time with them and bring the transformation and kingdom message which I began several years ago to greater fruition.

I will be sharing one more time from Uganda, and then will conclude this part of my life and what I believe to be God's future plans for me from the USA! To God be the Glory!
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